ASHOTEP I • 2-Way Quartz Necklace


A Nirvana Wild signature piece! This necklace can be worn two ways.

Double wrapped to fit snugly as a two layer choker (my favorite!) or single layered as a long quartz chain. Please refer to images for visuals.

Quartz pendant on 31 inch stainless steel chain which is hypoallergenic and will not tarnish.

Quartz is an amazing energy absorber and intensifies the strength of other crystals it comes near. Great for those seeking clarity and protection from negative energy.

***Quartz is a naturally forming rock crystal. Each piece has been carved and polished into the desired shape. Every single piece of quartz is unique and will not be identical to any other quartz piece ever in existence. Your crystal may be ever so slightly smaller or larger than the one pictured. Please be mindful of naturally occurring inclusions, veils, bubbles, and phantoms that may be present in your stone.