COSMIC JOURNEY 2 :: Crystal Choker Necklace


gorgeous faceted crystals set in brass.
the perfect top off to a gorgeous necklace stack

please see sizing below:

due to limited stock, only styles marked "**" in the drop down menu are available for custom lengthening requests

black onyx is 13.5" with 1in extender
lapis lazuli (gold) is 14.5" with 1in extender
lapis lazuli (silver) is 15.5" with 1in extender
**labradorite is 14" with 1in extender
**pink opal is 14" with 1in extender
**amethyst is 13.5" with 1in extender

***Crystals are naturally formed. Each piece has been carved and polished into the desired shape. Every single piece is unique and will not be identical to any other piece ever in existence. Your crystal may be slightly smaller or larger, lighter or darker than the one pictured. Please be mindful of naturally occurring inclusions, veils, bubbles, indentions, and phantoms that may be present in your stone. Crystals may be polished with a soft cloth to maintain luster and shine.

gold over brass. brass may oxidize over time. clean your brass with a soft cloth or gentle brass cleaner. please be mindful of moisture, lotions, perfumes, sweat, and oils in maintaining original state.