LEVITATE • Crystal Eye Mask

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I got such a positive response from using this mask on my personal account that I just had to bring her to the shop!

Rectangular rose quartz beads strung together to relaxation perfection.

Perfect for use in relaxation, meditation, sleep, bath time, or other self care activities.

Naturally cooling but can also be placed in the fridge for the ultimate cooling eye mask for eyes and forehead.

SOLD INDIVIDUALLY. Choose crystal type in selection box.

Often called the “Love Stone,” rose quartz is great for heart chakra work and love in all areas of life, including self-love. Rose quartz raises self esteem and our sense of self and can help us attract more love into our lives.

White Jade is aids in bringing calm, balancing, cleansing energy. Jade is known to be a stone of luck and prosperity. A grounding, harmonious, protective crystal for sweet relation and intention setting.

Obsidian is an amazing protector and absorber. Reflecting energy back into the world in pure form. Made from volcanic glass and ready to be taken into the deep subconscious realms as an aide.

Opalite is lab created opal. Though not birthed in nature’s beautiful waters and caves as natural Opal is, it still radiates beautiful loving frequencies through its mineral composition similar to glass. Ideal for meditation and sexual enhancement. Improves communication.

***naturally forming earth crystals. Each piece has been carved and polished into the desired shape. Every single piece is unique and will not be identical to any other ever in existence. Your crystal may be ever so slightly lighter or darker than the one pictured. Please be mindful of naturally occurring inclusions, veils, bubbles, and phantoms that may be present in your stones. Crystals may be polished with a soft cloth to maintain luster and shine.