BERRY WINKLE • Fluorite Quartz Choker

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A little sweet. A little dangerous.

Handmade crystal pendant on faux leather choker.
A :: 13-15.5 inch adjustable (purple fluorite)
B :: 13-15 inch adjustable (rainbow fluorite)
C :: 13-15 inch adjustable (rainbow fluorite)
D :: 12-15 inch adjustable (rainbow fluorite)
E :: 13-15.5 inch adjustable (purple fluorite)

Fluorite is used to clear energy fields and in auric cleansing. Great in gaining clarity, order, and purpose.

Purple fluorite can be used to help keep the mind healthy reducing confusion, brain fog, and anxiety.

Multicolor or rainbow fluorite brings a combination of energies to enhance flexibility, free thinking, and emotional brightness.

***Crystals are naturally formed. Each piece has been carved and polished into the desired shape. Every single piece is unique and will not be identical to any other piece ever in existence. Your crystal may be slightly smaller or larger, lighter or darker than the one pictured. Please be mindful of naturally occurring inclusions, veils, bubbles, indentions, and phantoms that may be present in your stone. Crystals may be polished with a soft cloth to maintain luster and shine.